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Latest Senior Care jobs.
  Rachel Gallagher   Florida, Pensacola   15 year(s) old (resume)
I love helping people, especially in their own personal environment. I would love a job working with either children or elderly people, because I enjoy ...
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  Tammy Tubiello   Nevada, Carson City   47 year(s) old (resume)
No description...
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no image available   Erin Hille   California, Hemet   42 year(s) old (resume)
I am seeking a professional caregiving position that will utilize my past and future experience in the health field. ...
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no image available   (resume)
No description...
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no image available   Ruth Inman   Texas, Sachse   15 year(s) old (resume)
Experienced caregiver both medical and non-medical ...
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Our Latest Vacancies.
no image available   (vacancy)
No description...
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no image available   robertson   Georgia, Macon   15 year(s) old (vacancy)
I am a caregiver who is look for work.several year in this field work with the ederly. ...
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  Aurench Inc   Arkansas, Memphis   15 year(s) old (vacancy)
No description...
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no image available   Private Duty   Tennessee, Franklin   15 year(s) old (vacancy)
Seeking mature and experienced CNA/caregiver for elderly female in her home with Parkinsons. Lifting required/valid driver's license/must be able to take blood pressures and all ...
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no image available   amanda turner   (vacancy)
No description...
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Caregivers and senior care

Find Caregiver jobs

To find a caregiver job one has to possess the right attitude along with the mandatory skills. With increase in unemployment compared to last year, jobs in the caregiving section have seen an unlikely upward trend. The jobs for trained and certified caregivers are aplenty. Going by the numbers from the authorities, the coming decade, caregiving will be one of the top employers in the industry. Anyone with the required skill set can find a decent part time or full time job as a caregiver to a senior or any dependent family member. Though the jobs are aplenty, one must not take it as an easy affair. Job of a caregiver is extremely demanding, in terms of physical as well as mental strength. One needs to be on his or her toes all the time. For example — a child caregiver has to really think outside of the box in order to get the child eat a meal and then repeat the same procedure in a different manner every day.

There are a lot of caregiver agencies which are constantly on the look-out for decent caregivers, thus making your life considerably easier when it comes to finding caregiver jobs. Once you are in direct contact with the agency, they will contact you with proposed jobs and you can take one that suits your needs and fits your qualification as a caregiver. The care seekers are also careful while hiring as a person associated with an agency gives them a tad more confidence than a free lancer. It is always a bonus if you have certifications from nursing schools or institutions that make you the perfect candidate for the job.

Tips for finding caregiver jobs

The first and foremost step is to build an impressive and error-free resume to send to the reputed caregiver agencies. One needs to make sure that resume covers all the basic information and your experience as a caregiver or nursing aide over that last few years. Make sure it is brief and informative, just the right mix that an employer is looking for. The second step is to prepare for expected questions that one can face in an interview. One must be ready for a practical demonstration in case the interviewer asks to react to a hypothetical situation. The key is to remain calm and maintain composure throughout the interview. The best way to prepare for interview is to ask a friend for a mock interview. The next step is to shortlist the agencies that are well reputed and have been functioning in your area. The source can also be local newspapers, classifieds, health magazines or internet job posts. After applying to a set of agencies and jobs, you need to brush up your skills and wait for the call. Once done with the interview, do not forget to drop a thank you note as a token of appreciation for their time.

Types of skills required

Caregiving is a job that requires a lot of compassion and dedication. A pleasant personality and will to help others are few extremely important traits that a caregiver must possess. The company provides training for special needs like handling seniors, taking care of daily chores, working with a patient with memory loss, taking care of medication routine and tracking daily activities etc. Certifications and approved nursing courses are also mandatory for specialist care givers. Once you have the required qualifications, it is your agencies duty to find a suitable caregiver job that suits your portfolio.

Care givers for the seniors

Senior caregivers can grab the opportunity for unlimited jobs that are being offered by care seekers. Family or child caregivers may or may not live with the care recipient however, caregivers for seniors usually reside with the patients as they need constant monitoring and help with daily chores. As a result senior caregivers are presented with many physically challenging and emotional situations. Non conducive environment put caregivers at an increased risk for depression, anxiety, depressed immune function and even hospitalization. Caregivers are often in a high risk category when it comes to developing problems that are both emotional and physical. Thus, finding a caregiver job is easy but it is very hard to perform your duties with complete diligence.

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